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Montana Idaho Log & Timber

Nestled at the base of Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains, awarding winning Montana Idaho Log & Timber has been building handcrafted custom log and timber structures for over 22 years. Each log or timber package is first preassembled at our construction facility by our experienced craftsmen. Then, each log or timber is coded according to a set of plans, disassembled and shipped to your site.

We use only sustainably harvested logs usually from fire or beetle killed areas of the Northwest forests.

Carefully selected by our in-house certified log and timber graders, each log must pass several quality control checks for strength, stability, grade and appearance.

As handcrafters, we specialize in the use of large diameter, full length logs as well as “character logs” with unique natural features that are strategically placed for optimal appeal. Each log is hand hewn with a draw-knife finish to the client’s specifications, ranging from fully peeled to leaving the bark/cambium layer on the log. For timber structures, logs are milled into uniform timbers on our one-of-a-kind sawmill. Nonstructural log and timber accents are also available for use in conventionally framed buildings.

We invite you to peruse our photo galleries to get an idea of the wide variety of building options available.