Montana Idaho Log & Timber Creates some of the finest handcrafted Log Profiles

We offer 4 different types of Log Profiles:


Two-sided Dove-tail

 Each log is run through our sawmill creating a flat on two sides of the log (the inside and outside).  At the corner, the hand hewn logs are compound mitered and hand fitted dovetails.
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Full Round Saddlenotch

The full round logs are hand hewn with drawknives, and the saddlenotch corners are handscribed for a snug fit. 

Swedish Cope

These logs are handscribed the full length of the log allowing it to rest fully on the contour of the log below it.  The intersecting logs are handhewn and the saddlenotchcorners are handscribed for a tight fit.


Post and Beam

A unique compromise between logs, timbers and framing, this approach allows the client to choose between several applications and styles and exhibits fewer architectural limitations than other forms of construction. Gallery