Montana Idaho Log & Timber creates Handcrafted Timber Frames:

Our timber crafting is all hand hewn joinery. We use mortise and tendon joinery, wooden doweling and pegging, and/or internal or external structural steel connections. The timber finishes can be adze finish, drawknife surface, or smooth finish.

We offer 4 different types of Timber Profiles:


Structural Framework

To create the structural framework of your building, Timber Frames utilize four-sided timbers or columns, beams, trusses, and bents, etc.
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Roof Systems

Trusses, beams, ridge and rafters, or purlins can be designed to your satisfaction
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Post and Beams

We are experts a timber and log Post and Beam structures
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We offer a wide variety of timber accents, from pre-assembled timber trusses with purlins to timber siding with wavey edges.
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